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9 Natural Shelters to Look for in a Bug-Out

Introduction I’m a firm believer in bugging in whenever possible. That doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to bugging out when the need arises, just that I think that most people would be better off staying at home, where they have more to work with. However, even if your primary survival plan is to bug in, […]

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Skills You Can Use to Barter in a Crisis

Introduction When most people think about bartering, they limit themselves to thinking about what goods they can give away. That’s fine as far as it goes; but there is an inherent risk in bartering goods in a crisis situation. That is that others might get the idea that you have something they need and decide […]

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Starting a Fire in Wet Weather

Introduction Fire is a critical part of survival. Being able to start a fire, even in the worst of conditions, is an emerging skill which was all but lost for many years. In modern civilization, the need to start a fire is overshadowed by the other means we have for heating and cooking. But when […]

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