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In an instant your family’s world could be turned upside down.

Are You Prepared? Survival for your family may depend on it.


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In most cases, there is very little warning before a disaster or emergency occurs. These events can be life changing with very little time to prepare you and your family.

Think about it:

  • How would you feed your family if the world’s currencies collapsed overnight turning your life savings into a pile of ash?
  • How would you survive a terrorist attack that created widespread panic and shutdown all the stores in your area? Would you be forced to beg your neighbors for food or be shipped off to a FEMA camp?
  • Could you and your family survive a hurricane or snowstorm that created a “panic-buying” frenzy where people were grabbing any food they could get their hands on? What if the stores weren’t restocked for weeks?
  • How would you live during weeks without electricity making it impossible for you to keep food fresh or for stores to get more food in stock?
  • What would you do if your home city was hit by floods, washing out roads and making it impossible for stores to supply food for weeks or to get fuel – would you survive?
  • What would you do if an earthquake leveled your home and disrupted all abilities to get supplies in or out of your city?

…..Or are you ready for disasters you may not have thought of – a pandemic, civil unrest, war, an asteroid hitting our planet…

Survival is a decision!  And it’s one you need to make today!

Survival and Your Family is your resource center to help ensure your family’s survival.